Cyber Incident Response Servicesin Washington DC

External and Internal Breach Response, DoS, DDoS, Malware Remediation

Suffered a cyber attack? Time is critical. Get the right help, right here, right now!

Washington DC Computer Forensics moves very fast when we respond to a cyber attack or a data breach. We can have assets and analysts to your location in a matter of hours, and can even respond to some types of attacks via the Internet in a matter of minutes. Regardless of the type of attack, we follow a set response protocol and maintain complete documentation on everything we do.

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Breach Response Protocol


We determine the level of compromise, the potential losses involved, set recovery expectation and consult on regulatory and reporting issues.


The primary purpose of this phase is to quickly limit the initial damage and prevent any further damage from happening.


This phase deals with the actual removal and restoration of affected systems, including malware detection and removal, restoring system software, resetting servers, etc.


The purpose of this phase is to bring affected systems back into the production environment carefully, as to ensure that no further incidents occur.


The Postmortem addresses, “How did this happen and how can we prevent it from happening again?” We provide a report that’s a play-by-play review of the entire incident. In addition to detailing the vector of the attack, the agents involved, the attack pathways and compromised network points, we also make strong recommendations regarding needed security measures. Our detailed documentation helps ensure all necessary steps were taken to completely remove malicious code and content from the affected systems, and is extremely beneficial toward satisfying many regulatory compliance requirements, as well as satisfying client, vendor, insurance and investor concerns relating to the incident.

Competence and Discretion

Data breaches can be very costly, and they are terrible PR. We understand that. All our services are very discreet. We’ve responded to hundreds of breaches, none of which you’ve heard about. We respond quickly, and quietly.

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Our Clients

Washington DC Computer Forensics works with clientele from all sectors, ranging in size from small graphic design firms, to Fortune 500 companies.

  • Pfizer
  • Progressive Insurance
  • Federal Express
  • GoDaddy
  • GSA Services
  • AGCO Corporation
  • AES Energy
  • Senior Aerospace
  • NASA